Tiffany truly helped change my mindset and improve my life within such a short amount of time. Tiffany’s genuine, empathetic and kind nature allowed me to immediately feel at ease. She focused on solutions and adapting new methods into my daily life. There wasn’t anything that felt too out of reach or overwhelming and I was able to leave every session with more confidence. I previously had CBH for sleep issues and felt I was quite self aware when walking into my first session. Although, in over ten years of work I had not reached the level of progress that I have had with Tiffany in just 5 weeks. Thank you!




I was dissatisfied at work. Tiffany taught me to take stock of my life, assess what's important to me and identify the things that truly make me happy. She questioned my self-limiting beliefs and helped break them down. She triggered a paradigm shift in my approach to my personal and professional life. It’s no coincidence that shortly after finishing my sessions I was appointed Sales Director at work. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Tiffany to anyone who wants some direction in their life.


Sales Director


People would describe me as calm and helpful but inside I was starting to feel different, I felt lost as a busy mum and my self confidence was depleted. I reached out to Tiffany and my first session felt like a weight had been lifted. I could finally be honest with myself and after 5 sessions I feel like a much improved version of myself. I worked hard outside of the sessions and it’s paid off. Family and work life all seem great now but most importantly I feel I am being true to myself. Thank you so so much Tiffany, I couldn’t have made these changes without you ❤️ 100% best decision I have made for a long time.




Tiffany was really down to earth and really tuned in well to my specific needs with the coaching. I felt that I made improvements in between each of my visits, which was a joy to report back on to Tiffany and work on improving even more for the next meeting. Tiffany really helped me focus on my dreams, and I am living some of them now! Thank you.


Record Label Owner & DJ


I assumed coaching was similar to therapy and you'd be ‘’told’’ what you should do, but I was so wrong. Tiffany showed me how to break down my goals and find achievable approaches to fulfill them. Tiffany is the type of person you can open up to in a professional manner but almost as a friend. I never felt judged, it was always an open forum where I could be honest with myself and Tiffany. She helped me find the next steps towards happiness and my life goals - this is what I valued the most.






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