“I'm mixed Chinese/Jamaican but born and raised in the UK. North London specifically.”

“Bangkok & London based, but previously did a 2-year stint in sweaty Singapore.”

“Yet to decide on my coaching 'niche' - one of the best parts of coaching for me is working with very different people.”

“I trained as a coach in 2016. Due to complete a Psych MSc end of this year. Before coaching, I'd worked in pretty random places; wine bar, primary schools, publishing co., and a real estate development & investment co. Told you, I like variety.”

“Having experienced psychotherapy and coaching myself as a client, I've found both to have been the best things I've done in my life. I mean at least top 5-ish. ”

“Just your average mixed raced, British, Cancerian, ex-pat, Slytherin, pansexual woman, who tries not to label or take themselves too seriously.”